A Cop's World

The View From A Squad Car

89   Bioterrorism

88   The Art Of Shoplifting

87   Life In A Dumpster

88   The Problem Of Graffiti

86   Serial Killers

85   Ambulance In Manzanillo

84   Why Drugs Won't Go Away

83   Letter From A Cop

82   More On The Police Strike

81   Pedophiles And More Pedophiles

80   Diving With The Dead

79   The Weirdness Of A Slow Night

78   The Death Of McVeigh

77   Discouraging Sexual Assault

76   Gangbangers Up Close

75   Another Unworkable Approach To Drugs

74   Test Yourself In A Dark Alley

73   DNA Testing For Felons

72   How Parole Boards Screw Up

71   Riots Incited By The Media

70   DC: Everything As Per Usual

69   Screwed Up Kids In A Rental

68   More From The Thought Police

67   Streetlife In Chinatown

66   Advice For Violent Felons

65   Blood And Guts In Study Hall

64   Gangs In The Virginia Suburbs

63   Little Stuff In Washington

62   Cop Response

61   Cops Opt Out

60   The Imaginary War On Drugs

59   Stray Bullets In The Yankee Capital

58   Pyschiatrists Feed Kid To Cannibal

57   Death By Parole Board

56   Booze, Driving, And Surveillance

55   Christmas In The Street Trades

54   Adversarial Justice. Sort Of.

53   Sometimes You Just Can't WinMore On Race And Cops

52   Worse Than Useless: The Criminal Justice System

51   More On Race And Cops

50   Figuring Things Out In Arlington

49   Strip Joint In D.C.

48   'Nother Day In L.A.

47   Email From The Troops

46   Where To Go With Drugs?

45   The Street Life In Denver

44   Tickets, Incorporated

43   Exploding Heads

42   When The Target Can Shoot Back

41   Hate Crimes And Special Privilege

40   Discouragement From Chicago

39   There's Gotta Be A Better Way

38   The View From Okinawa

37   Derelicts And The City

36   Women As Cops

35   Love Fest In New York

34   Appalling Stupidity

33   There's Theory. And There's The Street.

32   A Magistrate's (Funny) View Of Life

31   Keeping Experience On The Street

31   Cops And The Public

30   The Great Swimming-Pool Caper

29   Boozing to Death In The City

28   Reflections Of A Police Reporter

27   What's A Cop Supposed To Do?

26   Clawing And Scratching

25   Ain't Spoza Be That Way

24   Wall Street In The Alleys

23   Rioting In Spring

22   The Creeping Arrival Of Electro-Mommy

21   What If Cops Said The Hell With It?

20   Life On The Lower Rungs

19   Street Life In Arlington

18   Concealed Weapons And The NRA

17   Turning A Neighborhood Around

16   The Shooting Of Diallo

15  How Drugs Get Into Prisons

14  "Racial" Profiling Of Whites

13   Cops at Work: Somebody's Gotta Do It

12   Drugs In High School

11   A Walk In The Projects

10   The Schools As Dope Dealers

9   Police As Servants Of Feminism

8   The Behavior Of Cops

7   Small Girls And Rastas

6   A Sorry Legal System

5   Riots: A Cop's View

4   Cops, Parents, and Misery

3   In Jail, In Chicago

2   Chicago SWAT

1   When Cops Shoot

Fred's archived police columns for the Washington Times: Walks on the urban blasted heath. It isn't pretty out there. It isn't nice. It's how things are.

You may not like cops. Few do. They can be arrogant, impatient, rude. They can weary of a demanding, complaining public. Most are good people. A few are not.

They are what we've got. They are out there, 24/7, with the psychopaths, the crash victims with the cartilage white where the flesh is gone, the week-old dead found by the reek, the snot, the blood, the cum, the maggots, the screaming half-crazed fifteen-year-old rape vtctims, the charred children caught in the fire with their guts exploded, the aged drunk women pissing in their pants in alleys and trying to crawl, the baby's brains on the windshield. You might get a bit odd too. You might get real damn odd. Think about it.