Email from Stanley to me describing the procedure. Note total absence of any indication of any danger at all, much less the possibility of complete blinding.

Fred - Looking at my March sked, I am the "duty doctor" 29 March - 1 April,
so you could come in one of those days to take out sutures. I have to
supervise the residents, but usually have time to my own. I do the removal
at the slit lamp in my office and takes less than 20 minutes. I put you on
Vigamox drops for a week and usually like to do a check in a month or so.

Philip F. Stanley, MD, FACS, MBA
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National Naval Medical Center
Bethesda, Maryland
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As pwe your advice, I am planning to come to DC in March or April for stitch
removal. Is any particular time better for you?

What is involved? Would I need to stay in the area for check-ups a few days

At this point, my vision is what it was when last I saw you, neither
improving nor deteriorating.